Hybrid Design

When we talk about " Hybrid Design " we aim to bring attention to all the elements that make up this "hybrid" space:

1. The Virtual Environment : What will be the platform or system through which we will deliver our learning to our audience? Which features do we need the Virtual Environment to provide?

2. Talent and Skills : What kind of expertise, specialty and field will we need? When it comes to the team, we need to balance "hard" and "soft" skills, technical and leadership roles. The checklist will likely include Educators, Content creators, Tutors, Mentors or Coaches, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers or Illustrators… The list goes on.

3. Practical settings : Don't think about the marble if we haven't sorted out the foundation. Considering the basic conditions and infrastructure is not difficult, but it is surprisingly common to forget and ask whether students have proper access to technology, internet, etc. (In Brazil we are still fighting for improving the basic conditions of learners.)

4. Technology : How will we support students activities, as well as the team's? How will we ensure flexibility and coverage?

5. Methodology : What is the pedagogical foundation of the intervention we are proposing? What is its supporting evidence?
6. Competencies : Never forget the endgame. What are we teaching for? What makes the skills we provide critical? Assuming we have spent the time figuring out which skills and Competencies are worth working on.

Sobre o Autor

A Todraw nasceu com a missão de criar novos caminhos para educação utilizando as tecnologias, proporcionando desta forma o desenvolvimento humano. Foi fundada e fundamentada no uso de tecnologias e softwares livres no ensino hibrido e avançado, com a intenção de catalisar pontos estratégicos do Design Sprint, do Design Thinking e do Design Educacional mapeando experiências em ambientes virtuais de aprendizagem utilizando a sala de aula invertida e xAPI, fundamentados em metodologias pedagógicas para o desenvolvimento humano. A Todraw deseja ser uma agente multiplicadora de ideias e produtos, otimizando o tempo e a energia de todos os colaboradores e desta forma alcançar o sucesso coletivo, evitando erros que já foram cometidos, descritos e superados.